May the universal law be with you, as you travel your path in peace and with love to all!

Blessed it be!

Let your totem Animal guide you through your magical written journey!!!


Welcome dear ones!

Let magic, peace and love be the welcoming energy in this electronic circle dedicated to collective spiritual journey. I am honored to have you here and hope that you will find what you are seeking while you are visiting the Totem B.O.S. pages. Should it be a specific B.O.S or a Crystal wand, a leather pouche or maybe just a sense of inspiration and feeling energised, whatever the reason, please note that you here at home.

My name is Trinity  and this website is a brand new project for me. It will be focused on hand made Totem B.O.S, as  well as hand made Crystal wands. You will also find here Magical pouches hand made in various types of fabrics and many more things to come.

Please come and visit me and see what new and exiting Items i've got in store.

Blessed it be